Hindustani Sarod Recital by Pandit Tejendra Majumdar
  • Saturday, April 07, 2018 AT 19:30
  • National Music Center : 850 4 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1R1

About Raga Mala Music

The Raga Mala Music Society of Calgary was established in 1975 after a great need for Traditional Indian Music and Indian dance. Today, 30 years later, we still provide excellent Traditional performing arts.

Raga Mala Music Society of Calgary is a Non-Profit Origination that specializes in Traditional Indian Music.  The Raga Mala Music Society of Calgary was established in 1975 after the need for traditional Indian music was on a rise.  The primary purpose of Raga Malas efforts is to promote classical music and tradition dance of India.  Furthermore, we help encourage seamless interaction between Eastern and Western Musicians and Dancers.


Additionally, Raga Mala Music Society of Calgary has represented more than two hundred Classical Performances of Indian Music and Indian Dance.  We’ve been an important part of Calgary’s Indian Culture for more than 30 years.  Ultimately, Raga Mala aims to provide an excellent performance experience for both young and old.


Our Traditional Dance and Music performances include artist from both Nothern (Hindustani) and Southern (Carnatic) Traditions of India.   Our Performing artists which include most of the stalwarts and many rising talents or rising stars.

To encourage the ongoing education of our traditional Indian music and Indian Dance, Raga Mala Music Society of Calgary awards four scholarship on an annual basis. Two of the four scholarships are granted annually to the Allaudin Scholarship.  The Allaudin Scholarship consists of Traditional Hindustani Music and Traditional Hindustani Dance.  The other remaining two scholarships out of the four are granted annually to the Saraswati Scholarship.  The Saraswati Scholarship consists of Carnatic Traditional Music and Traditional dance.


Furthermore, Raga Mala awards an honorary bursary to the selected students of the four scholarships.  Not only do we provide music scholarships, but we also offer travel arrangements.  Raga Mala music society of Calgary truly believes that traditional Indian music education is very important.


Finally, and most importantly, Raga Mala music Society of Calgary is a registered Charity and a Non-Profitable Organization within Canada.  We are registered charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).  We accept all forms of Donations.  Our Registration with the CRA provides tax benefits for any Donations to the Raga Mala Music Society of Calgary.

Raga Mala Upcoming Events

At Raga Mala we take pride in the organization of traditional Indian music and Indian dance. Below are only a few of many upcoming dates and events.


A quick sneak peak of our latest performing events Images and Videos. Make sure to click on the view more button below to view all our Traditional performances Images and Videos